(Note: web version has a bit of slowdown in comparison to the standalone version. If you can, please download to play!)

A musical platformer created for Music Video(game) Jam. Song by Dads on Display.

Given my interest in creating short, atmospheric games you would think this jam would be perfect for displaying one of my usual creations. Somehow I ended up making a very gamey-game that in some ways went against the spirit of the jam. I suppose this is just my lot in life, never quite making the right thing.

Press left and right arrows to move, space for menu. Randomly generated levels may not actually be completable, but there to enjoy nonetheless. Not thoroughly tested, likely to have various bugs. Bug reports very appreciated!


Published Jan 18, 2015
AuthorAeryne Wright
Made withConstruct
Tagsadorable, Cute, magical-girl, Music, musical, sparkles, stars, ultrafemme


Star Girl - Win.zip 35 MB
Star Girl - Linux.zip 47 MB
Star Girl - OSX.zip 40 MB